Chapter I

1. These Terms and Conditions of Internet Shop run by PM MARKET Ltd. hereinafter called Terms and Conditions. They describe all rules of using the internet shop acting at the address www.pmmarket.co.uk
2. A user – a natural person, of age, having full legal capacity, resistered at the social part www.pmmarket.co.uk.
3. A customer – an entity purchasing in Internet Shop PM MARKET Ltd., who is a natural person having full legal capacity,
4. Each customer before placing an order is bound to see Terms and Conditions. Placing an order is equivalent to accepting Terms and Conditions.
5. PM MARKET Ltd. runs internet sale on the area of the United Kingdom.
6. Our company fully complies with all regulations in force in the United Kingdom concerning personal data protection and customer`s rights.
7. All products in the Internet Shop are new and free from legal and physical defects and have been launched on the market in the United Kingdom according to the mandatory regulations of law.
8. Orders will be fulfilled only at the addresses in the United Kingdom.
9. PM MARKET Ltd. reserves the right to amend General Sales Conditions without notice. Any amendments will become effective on the day of releasing them on www.pmmarket.co.uk. on general conditions Further usage of the website is the same as giving consent to accepting General Sales Conditions. Please refer to General Sales Conditions thoughtfully and in detail.
10. Photos of the products offered on www.pmmarket.co.uk show ready products. We make every effort to present colours of finishing in the best way, however the products supplied may slightly differ in colour, shade, especially in case of natural products such as wood. Leather goods are made of high quality material which results in difference in coloration or texture and they may have natural signs or imperfections.
All sizes of products are given approximately

Chapter II

1. In order to place an order, a Buyer has to set up an account in Internet Shop and fill an appropriate electronic form.
2. The appropriately filled electronic form has to include the following data: first name, surname, gender, delivery address and address an invoice should be issued at (street, house number, postal code, city), electronic mail address (e-mail), telephone number, date of birth optionally.
3. Personal information given by a Customer will be used to:
a) help the company manage Customer`s account. We can disclose Customer`s data to companies that provide services for PM MARKET in order to carry out an order.
b) send information the Customer asks for. Any information will be sent to the Customer by e-mail in case he/she agrees to it.
c) contact the Customer by phone or e-mail in order to give information about delivery date, answer any questions or issues connected with the order that has been placed by the Customer.
d) for some other reasons that the Customer will require from the company.
e) inform the Customer about special offers or goods he/she may be interested in ( but only with the Customer`s acceptance)
f) help the company improve its website and quality of PM MARKET Ltd services
for statistic or research purposes.
The Customer using PM MARKET Ltd website declares that he/she does not object to the fact that the Company contacts the Customer for the above reasons by phone or e-mail or in writing. The Customer confirms that he/she does not consider the above as violation of his/her rights concerning privacy and electronic communications (EC Directive) of 2003.
4. In a process of registration the Customer creates and enters a password to get access to the account. E-mail address given by the Customer while opening an account is his/her login.
5. After creating an account the Customer gets from the Seller information on registration of the account on his/her e-mail address and the possibility of placing orders in the Internet Shop.
6. After logging in the Customer can change the data given.
7. You can place orders in the Internet Shop only through www.pmmarket.co.uk.
8. In order to place an order the Customer is bound to:
a) choose a product by putting it into a basket;
b) choose the way of delivery according to the options made available by the Seller at the same time agreeing to the visible delivery costs depending on the way of delivery;
c) indicate delivery address, if it is different from the one given by the Customer in the account registration form;
d) choose the way of payment according to the options made available by the Seller;
9. You can place order in the Internet Shop 24 hours a day and all days a year.
10. Before placing an order the Customer confirms he/she has read Terms and Conditions and accepts their provisions.
11. An order in the Internet Shop is placed only when the Customer chooses the way of delivery, at the same time accepting delivery costs and decides the way of payment for the chosen product and clicks „confirm order” Confirmation results in placing an offer of purchasing a product included in the order.
12. After placing an order the Customer gets from the Seller notification to his e-mail address with information on the content of the order that has been placed. Such notification proves that the Seller got the Customer`s offer of buying a product on conditions defined in the order.
13. In some rare situations when a Seller cannot fulfill the whole order, the Customer will be immediately informed. The Customer has a choice and can agree to a partial fulfilment of the order or cancel it all.
14. Sales contract is concluded the moment the Customer gets on his e-mail address notification confirming fulfillment of the order.
15. Internet Shop reserves the right to verify the Customer`s data by phone or e-mail.
16. Internet Shop reserves the right to refuse to conclude a sales contract if it is impossible to get in touch with the Customer or the data given turn out to be untrue or out of date.
17. Impossibility of getting in touch with the Customer means that the Customer does not reply within 7 days from the date of sending him/her an e-mail to his/her electronic mail address or SMS to the phone numer provided.
18. Internet Shop reserves the right to refuse to conclude a sales contract if the Customer in an address writes po.box.
19. A Seller makes every effort to fulfill the Customer`s order in time given in the description of particular products.
20. Issuing VAT invoice confirms that shopping has been completed.

Chapter III

1. All prices of products given in PM MARKET Ltd. Internet Shop are in GBP and are gross prices (they include VAT).
2. Price shown at a product at the moment of placing an order is binding for both parties of transaction.
3. PM MARKET Ltd. reserves the right to change product prices at a moment chosen by themselves.
4. Prices given do not include cost of delivery of products. Delivery fee is calculated separately according to the tariff given in an option: “delivery”. The exception is when a product is in promotion that consists in free delivery.

Chapter IV

1. The Customer can pay for products purchased in Internet Shop in the following way:
transfer to Seller`s account – transfer details will be in the e-mail confirming an order. Transfer details are the following:
Account Number: 31085668
Sort Code: 30-99-31
a) debit/credit card and PayPal.
2. The Customer cannot use different ways of payment while making payments for products bought and included in one order.
3. In case an institution issuing debit/credit card refuses to pay for the order fulfilled by the Customer in PM MARKET Internet Shop, the company is not liable for delay or lack of delivery.
4. PM MARKET is not liable for any losses in case a third party gets unauthorised access while placing an order in Internet Shop.

Chapter V

1. Ordered goods are delivered to the Customer both by a courier company or by Seller`s own transport.
2. The Seller decides a method of delivery taking into consideration interest of transaction.
3. Details concerning cost and terms of delivery are on the website: LINK.
4. Before collecting a parcel from a courier (driver), the Customer is obliged to check if packaging in which purchased goods are delivered has not been damaged during transport.
5. In case a parcel has some mechanical damage, you should refuse to accept it from a courier (driver) and in his presence draw up a damage report and get in touch with a shop employee at 077-43433883 or by e-mail contact@pmmarket.co.uk in order to explain the situation..
6. In case goods are not consistent to the order or factory damaged, please contact us within 24 hours from the date the goods were delivered to the Customer..
7. FPM MARKET Ltd. aims at exchanging the goods within 30 working days from the day of reporting that the received goods were not consistent or damaged. In some particular cases when the goods or their part are manufactured outside the United Kingdom, the company bears no responsibility resulting from manufacture`s fault which will delay delivery. This right does not expire in case the Customer assembles goods in a proper way and notices their manufacturing defect while doing it.
8. A Buyer is obliged to carry goods into the house/room. PM MARKET Ltd is not liable in case the Customer damages goods while carrying them, during faulty assembly or their mechanical damage.
9. A place of fulfilling service according to a contract concluded between the Customer and Seller is a place to which a Seller is bound to deliver purchased goods pursuant to an order placed by the Customer.
10. In case the time of delivery has been accepted by the Customer and he/she will not be present at place of fulfilling service included in the said item, the Seller reserves the right to redeliver. Redelivery cost pursuant to the delivery tariff will be not less than 50 GBP.
11. If the Customer resigns from redelivery of the goods ordered by him/her, a charge for ineffective delivery will be deducted from reimbursement of the goods.
12. Delivery cost does not include carrying ordered goods or their assembly. The company reserves the right not to remove old furniture from the Customer.
13. PM MARKET Ltd. Internet Shop is not responsible for any delays resulting from delivery by a courier company.
14. Time of delivery depends on availability of the chosen goods in a warehouse..
15. In order to satisfy our Customers we make every effort to deliver our goods as quickly as possible.
16. Delivery of goods may be by a courier company or Seller`s own transport. The Customer will be notified of the way and time of delivery 48 hours before the delivery.
17. We carry out orders within 3 – 30 working days from receiving a payment for the goods ordered. In case this time prolongs the Seller will contact the Customer by e-mail or phone.
18. Placing an order in Internet Shop the Customer authorizes PM MARKET Ltd. to accept a signature on behalf of the Purchaser from a third party staying at the address of delivery.
19. In exceptional circumstances a company can accept from the Customer an instruction to leave the ordered goods.
20. The Customer can personally collect the goods informing PM Market Ltd. previously.
21. In some reasonable cases a company reserves the right to deliver ordered goods on the palette.

Chapter VI

1. A Seller offers the Buyer (Customer) new goods, undamaged and free from defects. Transfer of danger of accidental loss or damage of purchased goods is transferred on to the Customer the moment the goods are given out.
2. A Seller is responsible to the Customer by way of warranty for any physical or legal defects according to the rules in force in the United Kingdom.
3. A Seller informs that there is guarantee on the goods bought by the Customer in Internet Shop for 24 months from the day of delivery granted by manufacturers of the goods.
4. Guarantee starts on the day of delivery and involves manufacturing defects, but not the ones that are caused irrespective of the Seller.
5. Guarantee does not cover mechanical defects or accidental damage that can appear while using the goods.
6. The company is not liable for possible damage caused by using the goods in an inappropriate way. Statutory rights remain intact.
7. Guarantee does not cover:
a) Wood, wooden furniture will in a natural way differ in structure of surface, colour, drawing, gloss, they can show insect marks; they are not considered quality defects. A slight difference in appearance might be a result of natural expanding shrinking od wood due to climate changes at home;
b) glass: slight scratches, small air bubbles, waviness of surface naturally appear during glass production and are not considered quality defects;
c) material: natural fluctuations appear during material production and are not considered quality defects;
d) leather: has natural creases, marks and scars. Differences in colour and texture are natural and make each product unique.

Chapter VII
1. Goods that due to their size do not fit in the house or staircase are not subject to claim or return.
2. Goods with manufacturing defect which the Custmer notices while unpacking or assembling are subject to claim.
3. The Customer can cancel an order which is not an individual one after previously contacting PMmarket by e-mail before the delivery of goods or 14 days after delivery.
4. Only the goods in unchanged state and in original packaging can be returned.
5. Furniture for self-assembly cannot be returned after they have been assembled.
6. Mattresses, cushions, sofas, etc. can only be returned if unpacked.
7. Goods made-to-order of the Customer in which you can choose fabrics and colours or change standard sizes and have been made to order cannot be returned or replaced after 7 days from the day of placing on order by the Customer.
8. Ordered goods can only be returned upon confirmation of PM MARKET Ltd. In such case the Customer covers the cost of transport and additional costs not lower than 100 GBP paid by the company. These costs depend on the place of residence the Customer and a kind of goods ordered.
9. The refund will take place within 30 working of the day of receiving goods by PM MARKET Ltd after inspection confirming that the returned goods are not damaged.
10. PM MARKET Ltd. reserves the right to stop a part or the whole refund if the returned good have been damaged by the Customer.
11. Unless the Customer states otherwise, the Seller assumes that he/she is a Consumer and considers his/her claim according to the current Consumers rules.
12. In case of stating a defect of the goods the Customer can make a complaint at contact@pmmarket.co.uk or by phone 077-43433883.
13. While making a complaint the Customer should give the following information:
a) kind of defect;
b) demand to repair the goods or replace them for new ones to comply with a contract;
c) statement on reducing a price or withdrawing from a contract;
d) the way of informing him/her on the result of the complaint;
e) contact details of the Customer making a complaint as far as they are necessary to notify him/her of how the Seller resolves the complaint;
14. The Customer sending to the Seller the goods he/she makes a complaint about is bound to attach a letter including at least the following details:
a) Complaining person`s details – first name, surname, address and e-mail address;
b) Copy of an invoice confirming the date of purchase of the goods;
c) Description of the defect of the goods;
d) demand to repair the goods or replace them for new ones to comply with a contract;
e) statement on reducing a price or withdrawing from a contract and indicate the way of informing him/her on the result of the complaint
15. The Customer will be notified of the Seller`s decision concerning a complaint within 14 days from the date of submitting it in the way indicated by the Customer while submitting a complaint.
16. The Customer is obliged to comply with the rules of using and taking care of the goods which are attached to them.
17. In case of any doubts about a procedurę of making complaints, the Customer can contact the Seller by phone 077-43433883 or ask a question by e-mail at contact@pmmarket.co.uk.
18. PM MARKET Ltd. reserves the right to cancel the Customer`s order in case:
a) PM MARKET Ltd. does not get payment for the goods ordered by the Customer;
b) Goods were not appropriately described or their price was incorrectly given on PM MARKET Ltd. website;
c) The company is not able to deliver goods at the delivery address given by the Customer; ;
d) PM MARKET Ltd. does not possess raw materials to manufacture products in stoc;
19. The Customer did not comply with sale conditions described by PM MARKET Ltd.; In case an order submitted by the Customer is cancelled by PM MARKET Ltd., all payments that have been made will be returned within 30 working days from the day of cancellation the order.

Chapter VIII
1. Terms and Conditions are available at www.pmmarket.co.uk of the Internet Shop.
2. Terms and Conditions are a part of a sale contract concluded by the Seller and Customer. Terms and Conditions are binding for the parties according to their content at the moment of placing an order by the Customer.
3. While placing an order, carrying it out and settling the Customer cannot provide illegal content.
4. Law applicable to sale contracts concluded between the Customer and Seller on terms defined in Terms and Conditions is the Untited Kingdom law.
5. Any disputes connected with carrying out sale contracts between the Customer and Seller will be first resolved by negotiations with an intention of amicable settlement. In case such settlement is not possible, either party is entitled to bring a case to common court of competent local and subject matter jurisdiction..
6. Additional information on various aspects of orders and carrying them out will be given by a Seller or an employee by phone 077-43433883 or at contact@pmmarket.co.uk.
7. The seller reserves the right to change Terms and Conditions. Any changes of Terms and Conditions come into force on the date specified by the Seller, in a period not shorter than 7 days from the date of releasing them on the website www.pmmarket.co.uk. Changes of Terms and Conditions do not violate Customer`s rights they acquired before new provisions of Terms and Conditions came into force.


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